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Makalu Adventure Group with the collaboration of its Swiss partner led by Mr. Bernhard Buehler a Swiss national and 13 volunteers from Switzerland is proud to announce the completion of the first school at Arubhote.

The school that were completely destroyed during devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25th 2015 now provides education for 80 school children for primary education. Happiness knew no bounds on the faces of the school children as they entered the new school with new furniture.

After the completion of the school the school was formally handed over to the local people on 5th December amidst grand celebration. We are now working towards the construction of the second school. Just building schools is not enough. We would like to provide the school children with good quality education.For this we are seeking for volunteers to teach the school children. They can be from any part of the world, qualified in any subject. Help is in providing quality education.


April 25th 2015 was the day that shook whole of Nepal and neighboring countries by an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the richer scale. More than 8500 people died in Nepal and more than 30,000 people were injured all over Nepal

Relief came from all over the world. A month after the earthquake the Management team had a meeting as to how assist in the relief work. After much contemplation we visited Nuwakot a district badly affected by the earthquake. We came to learn that most of the schools in Nuwakot district had been destroyed. Looking on long term basis we decided to build schools in Nuwakot District.

School at Taruka Completely destroyed by Earthquake in Nuwakot Of Nepal

The villages that we identified as the most needy of education were Arughati, Badeli, Peepal Danda and Chautara. At the initial stage construction was started at Arughati, the next phases will be at Badali then Peepal Danda. We estimate to educate 350 students at the primary level. The total cost for the construction of the school will be borne by Makalu Adventure, Bernhard Buehler from Switzerland, Roy Francis from UK, Tony Arden from UK and Geraldine Sweeney USA.

We are pleased to announce the completion of the first school at Arughati. A team of 13 Swiss volunteers led by Mr. Bernhard Buehler along with local people finished the construction in one month Happiness new no bounds on the faces of  the people of Arughati.The satisfaction we felt on seeing the school children as they entered the new school cannot be bought by money.

But now we realize that construction of school is not enough. The children need quality education. We are now looking for volunteers from all over the world to spend some time at the school and teach the children any subject. We assure you the hospitality you will experience the joy that you will feel will know no bounds. ", one volunteer teacher, one book, and one pen, can change the world." 

Volunteerism made by our Guest at Taruka VDC, Nuwakot in a School

Makalu Adventure in return will provide 25% discount on any activities the volunteer would like to do during their visit to Nepal. Be a volunteer help us to enlighten the life of these children.      

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