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Nepal is  famous for Adventurous Camping Trek  In the far west land of Nepal, situated in Bajhang District, one of the holiest places, untouched by Tourists "Surmasarowar" is place to be for the wild taste of adventure. Surmasarowar is known as Mini Kailash for the Hindus, at the altitude of 4333m. Jethi Bahurani and many peaks are worthy to capture in your camera.  Amazing rocks look alike nature made sculptures, huge grassland; beautiful lakes are marvelous views to see.  To reach wet land of Nepal, Surmasarowar, need to cross the pass of 4859m of altitude. Hikers and Trekkers should be cautious about the High Altitude Sickness or Mountain Sickness. Many beautiful wild flowers, poisonous flowers/plants, herbs/spices, Flora/Fauna, Wild Animals make its nature more beautiful and splendid. Lucky one will get to encounter with small black Beer, Barking Deer, Himalayan Monal, Pheasant. Local cultures like Deuda in Dautal area way to Surmasarowar, Fag and Magal (Singing and Hymning songs to the name Goddess Surma) unique cultures/tradition, food habits, different costumes, different languages makes Surmasarowar region more attractive and colorful. The brief itinerary and program of 15 days are below.

Things To Do


  • Day 01
    Kathmandu – Dhangadi       

    Journey begins with around 1:15 minutes fly from Kathmandu to Dhangadi.  One can travel with Bus which will be added two more extra days for Kathmandu-Dhangadi and Dhangadi- Kathmandu. One can enjoy their fly, watching White Mountains on the Northern Side and plain Terrain in Southern Side. Dhangadi is hob poi

  • Day 02
    Dhangadi – Bhadya (Bajhang)     

    Travel with Chartered Vehicle about 9 hours to reach Bhadya Bajhang, small town which is situated at 1102m. Tea houses and camping is only the option for the night stay in Bhadya. On the way beautiful hill station "Dadheldhura" is best place to take lunch and to see the beautiful surroundings.  Bithad, Khodpe and Sribhawor are place for stop for tea and snacks. Travelers can take a rest and take pictures of the landscape.

  • Day 03
    Bhadya – Mumla (Jayaprithavinagar)   

    The first day of Trekking starts here with 5 hours of walk to reach Mumla. Walking through villages, jungles, and local lifestyles makes a journey more interesting before reaching (Mumla) Jayaprithavinagar. Situated at 2171m is historic place of Far Western Region. King Jaya Prithavi Bahadur Singh was famous humanitarian King, only the remains of the historical palace of Jaya Prithavi can be seen.  Bajhang oldest School Satyawadi could be the attraction. Bajhang has minimum facilities like health post and tea houses.  Trekkers can collect local vegetables, local foods, and seasonal fruits for the journeys here in the small bazaar.

  • Day 04
    Jayaprithavinagar – Thakule Danda

    Five hours of walking makes exciting with view of different types of Trees Bhainsi Kharka (Buffalo Shed) while walking through Jungles and landscape.  After climbing steep hill Trekkers can reach Thakule Danda which is situated at 3364m of height. Hills are hard to walk but it is not a technical one. From the Thakule Danda one can see the beautiful surroundings, can feel the breezing air but in the night it is very cold. The place is best place to see sunrise and beautiful mountains and villages on the other side.

  • Day 05
    Thakule Danda – Dau Tal

    7 hours of walking down through Jungle, crossing small stream through Suspension Bridge to reach Saingaun. After walking through Bauligaad, Trekkers can reach developed village Thakundanda. Beautiful houses, well dress people and tea houses can be seen in Thakundanda. Dautal is situated middle of the village Surma which ½ hour away from Thakundanda. Dautal Lake covers half kilometer of area. Bank of Dautal is more comfortable side for the campsite. Dau Tal is holy lake which belongs to the Goddess Surma and it is situated at 2260m. According to Myth if one is Pilgrims of Surmasarowar for the first time, one cannot allow to see Dau Tal.

  • Day 06 
    Dau Tal- Dhanteli

    After climbing high one can reach Chande Shikhar. Journey is 4 hours a walk to reach Dhateli which is situated at 3623m. Nauli is only half an hour from Dau Tal, from here Trekkers can encounter with only herb collectors on season time than any villages. Dhanteli has only small camp site for around 10 peoples.  Beautiful sunrise and smiley face of mountains and open peaks is marvelous views from the camping site at Dhanteli.

  • Day 07

    Comparing last day's it is hard day for the Trekkers. Quite adventurous walking through cliff hills, narrow ways and some places, no ways makes it thrilling too. The Windy, mist and fog on the way to Budhabinayak is more difficult to cross which is situated at 4500m. The Panoramic scenes of different peaks make it paradise.  The water facilities and flat grassland, Jaljala is good place to be for the camping.

  • Day 08
    Jaljala – Surmasarowar- Niksari Patan

    Big Rocks at Chande Shikhar is beautiful to see which is situated at 4859m. If weather supports, hiking in the morning is interesting for the sightseeing. It is challenging for the hikers to cross 4859 meters of altitude and will be victory over the challenge after reaching top of the pass. Almost five minutes of walking through Mount Saipal Range and walking another ½ hour the final destination of the journey Surmasarowar could be reach which is situated at 4333m.

    Glory of Surma Devi (Goddess Surma)

    Surma Devi is one of the sisters among 16 Nava Durga Bhagwati.  According to Myth she chooses Surmasarowar to stay alone, clean, quiet and calm.  She found Surmasarowar quite clean, purity and away from human inhabitants.  In Bhadra Janaipurnima, famous carnival of Hindu, people gather here and huge carnival takes place in the name of Surma Devi.  Surmasarowar is holy lake which is covered by half Kilometer.  It will squeeze its own size in dry season.  Pilgrims who comes here for the holy rituals through gold, silvers, coins and pray materials which remains there and can be find. Temple of Surma Devi was made by stones only remains natural. After holy rituals, taking bath and taking pictures Trekkers or Pilgrims must walk down half an hour to reach Niksari Patan. Many small streams meet here in Niksari Patan with small stream like Sunigadh which is starts from Surmatal, and became big and flow like a rivers. The facilities like fires and waters make Niksari Patan is best place for camping.

  • Day 09
    Rest Day at Surmasarowar

    Surmasarowar covered with plenty of Herbs and Spices, Flora and Fauna.  Himalayan Viagra (Yarcha Gumba), HattaJadi, Panchaunle, Padamchal are most incredible herbs can be found here. Most of the local people come here to collect different kind of herbs and spices. Herbs and spices becomes their good income of source now days.

  • Day 10
    Niksari Patan – Afre Gufa

    4 hours 30 minutes of walking and crossing Jungles and through bank of Sunigad, Afre Gufa can be reached.  The spectacular views of Gufa (Cave) where almost 25 people can easily accommodate is a best option for the camping. Mostly herb collectors use to stay here in two storey cave while to go to collect herbs.  Trekkers and Pilgrims can enjoy listening Sunigadh singing throughout the night and it is situated at 3190m. The vast density of Pine Tree along sided of the River looks beautiful and it takes away all the thirst and tiredness.

  • Day 11
    Afre Gufa – Raja Ko Pal Halne

    After walking 7 hours climbing ups and going downhill, grasslands and jungles, taking pictures of Black Bear, Ratuwa, Ghoral, Danfe, Munal Naur, and Jharal one can be reached Raja Ko Pal Halne. Small Tea house welcomes at Raja Ko Pal Halne which is situated at 2662m. It remains close except than March. It used to be a traditional route of Urai pass which is situated at Nepal – Tibet Border. King Jaya Prithavi Bahadur Singh made lots of campsite during his tenure for   the local traders who use this trail for the trading. This trail was used to be a way to go to Mansarowar for the Hindu Pilgrims.  

  • Day 12
    Raja Jo Pal Halne - Swil

    Almost 6 hours of walking through Buffalo sheds and villages next stop will be Swil. One can notice, small herbs refining center can be seen here in this village, where herbs collectors bring their herbs from the Surmasarowar. This is very easy walk comparing other days to reach Swil which is situated at 1958m. There are only 25 families living here, among them only 4 people educated and 2 depend upon the job. Rest of the villagers is involved in either farming or collecting herbs in the season.

  • Day 13
    Swil – Sunigadh – Chainpur

    After 3 hours of walking, Sunigadh village could be reach. Sunigadh is local junction for the trade and it has small bus station.  Jeep can be arranged here to go to Chainpur which is district headquarter and situated at 1223m. After long journey Trekkers and Pilgrims feel more comfortable having bakery items, cleaning themselves, and shaving.  Chainpur is surrounded by Seti River and Bauli Khola, and looks like one small island. This is one of the best places to enjoy fresh river fish.

  • Day 14
    Chainpur – Dhangadi

    9 hours drive by bus to Dhangadi is more exciting, thrilling adventurous experience in a lifetime. Last night of the program can be enjoying in either 4 star hotel or in good accommodation and food.

  • Day 15
    Dhangadi – Kathmandu

    Fly 1:15 minutes or drive back almost 13-14 hours to Kathmandu.
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