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Rara Lake Trek Trek Description Rara Lake lies in the remote far northwest of Nepal. The lake is beautiful and tranquil. The region around Jumla and Rara Lake is still relatively unexplored. Our trek starts from Jumla, the largest upland hill town in west Nepal. Rara is Nepal’s largest lake and lies at an altitude of 2980m. An outstanding snowcapped panorama of Dolpo and Tibetan mountains overshadows the scene across the deep clear waters of the lake. The National park consists of Himalayan black bear, leopard, black panther, musk deer, red panda, wild boar, Rhesus and languor monkeys and numerous species of birds. The final four days of the trek offer superb views over Mugu, the southern mountains of Humla and the border ranges of Tibet. The trail takes us through grassy alpine pastures and remote villages, before descending steeply off the second pass to Jumla. From here, we fly back to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj. Highlights of the trek Unsurpassed views of Rara Lake and mountain scenery, chance of spotting wildlife such as musk deer and black bear, ruins of the Malla dynasty’s old palace. Detailed itinerary Itinerary can be customized according to your needs and length of stay.

Things To Do


  • Day 1
    Arrive in Kathmandu. 4,265 feet.Met upon arrival. Transfer to Annapurna hotel.
  • Day 2
    KTM, trekking permits ect, Annapurna
  • Day 3
    Fly to Nepalganj. Hotel.
  • Day 4
    Fly to Jumla.

    Meet our Sherpa trekking crew and trek to CharyaChaur. 9,840 feet. 2 to 3 hours of trekking. Camp. Upon arrival into the frontier town of Jumla we meet our porters and, after preparing the loads, head off on a short walk to our campsite at CharyaChaur. Our first night under canvas will be spent in a lovely meadow amongst a beautiful pine forest with stunning views south across the TilaKhola (river).  

  • Day 5
    Cross the DanphyaLagna Pass (11,810 feet) and descend to Lah Gad Camp. 5 to 6 hours of trekking. Camp.

    Today we must ascend the steep trail up to and cross over the DanphyaLagna Pass at 11,810 feet. It is a 2 hours continual climb from camp before we descend off the pass to our campsite called Lah Gad Camp below the village of Bumri (8,200 feet).  

  • Day 6
    Trek to Chautha. 10,200 feet. 4 to 5 hours of trekking. Camp.

    Weaving our way on faint trails through wilderness of dense forest, idyllic meadows and hanging valleys, we will be glad not to be in any rush. This isolated region of northwestern Nepal is simply magical. We now head almost due north into the Chautha Valley and find another wonderful campsite surrounded by shady pines.    

  • Day 7
    Trek to Dhotu or JhariKhola (8,300 feet) 4.5 to 5.5 hours of trekking. Camp.

     From Chautha we continue north passing through the village of Bulbhule. The main trail descends north to Pina Village and the MuguKarnali. We now turn west (follow the wooden sign pointing out the ‘Way to Rara’) and walk through a true wonderland of pristine forested hillside to the cluster of flatroofed dwellings that is Jhari Village. 

  • Day 8
    Trek to the tranquil shores of Rara Lake (10,000 feet) 5 hour trek.Camp.

      This morning we ascend to a delightful open ridge that eventually drops us onto the southern shore of the jewel-like Rara Lake. It will take about 2 hours to walk around to the Park Headquarters and camping spots on the lake’s north side. 

  • Day 9
    Exploration at Rara Lake. Camp.

    Once at Rara we will be reluctant to leave. This place has a rare peace and tranquility and captivating beauty. Today is free to wander and explore the area. We will probably want to walk around the lake on a path built in 1964. Keep an eye out for the ancient temples and Chapra villages found on the north side of the lake.

    North into Humla “Humla. The name resonates like a hymn. Vast and humbling, Humla echoes in whisper”. These are the opening words of Thomas Kelly and Carol Dunham’s beautiful book dedicated to this magical and remote corner of far northwestern Nepal, The Hidden Himalayas.  

  • Day 10
    Trek to Luma Village (7,000 feet). 5 to 6 hours of trekking. Camp.

     Being properly acclimatized from our hike to Rara Lake, we are now ready to continue on the trails north to Humla. Leaving Rara eastwards from the northern shore, the trail soon begins to climb a broad ridge before dropping into the valley of the MuguKarnali.

  • Day 11
    Trek to Changkheli. 5 to 6 hour trek.Camp.

    Today we begin a gradual ascent to base of the Changkheli, a high ridge that leads into the main HumlaKarnali Valley. We will camp high on the ridge to ensure a short climb tomorrow morning and provide us with an amazing sunrise over the magnificent snowy peaks of the SaipalHimal. 

  • Day 12
    Cross the Chankel La Pass (11,940 feet) and trek to Rimi Village (8,500 feet). 6 to 7 hour trek.Camp.

    Our trail emerges from dense conifer and rhododendron forest on the south side of the ridge to high alpine meadow. It’s as if the landscape has been instantly transformed. The skyline is now dominated by the bulky SaipalHimal in Humla and GurlaMandata across the border in Tibet. Beneath these seldom seen peaks lies Humla, a land of endless blue ridges, turquoise lakes, rivers snaking through deep valleys and vividly golden fields. We descend into the HumlaKarnali Valley to our campsite in the Chhetri village of Rimi. 

  • Days 13
    Trek to Melcham. 7,800 feet. 5 to 6 hours of trekking. Camp.

     The isolated settlements in this valley are primitive and poor and life for its inhabitants has changed little over the centuries. In the fields women sing heartily as they go about their laborious work and the men spin wool and tend to the livestock. Homes in this area are built from enormous timbers and cling to impossibly steep hillsides. From Rimi Village it takes four days to reach Simikot. The distances traveled are short but don’t be deceived… we will be crossing precipitous valleys on rollercoaster trails. The scenery is wild, magnificent and ever changing. 

  • Day 14 & 15
    Trek to Pomkha and Ghatte. 6,600 feet. 4 to 6 hours of trekking each day. Camp.

     The next two days we will set off at dawn and follow the thundering green torrent of the HumlaKarnali River. The trail continually climbs above and then drops down to the river’s side into misty bamboo groves. 

  • Day 16
    Trek to Simikot (9,845 feet) high above the HumlaKarnali River. Camp.

    By the time we climb up the final 1,000 feet to Simikot, there is little doubt that Humla will have worked its magic on you. The tranquility and ancient charm of this are powerful antidotes to the stresses of modern day life. 

  • Day 17
    Reserve day trekking
  • Day 18
    Fly to Kathmandu

    Fly to Kathmandu from the remote airfield of Simikot and fly back to Kathmandu.  Transfer to Annapurna Hotel 

  • Day 19
    Contingency day on trek

    Contingency day on trek or if the Simikot flight is delayed. Hotel or lodge. Today may also be needed as cushion day in case the Simikot flight is delayed due to winds or bad weather. 

  • Day 20
    Transfer to the Kathmandu International Airport for our departure.
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